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Re: Apache question,

On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, kluu te wrote:

> I got my Apache up and running and can access the server through my static IP adress. But I want to register a domain to point to my server IP. How do I do it? Is there any annual fee to Internic or Versign? Can I maintain the domain name myself?
> And do I need a DNS server locally or can I use my ISP DNS server?
There are many companies that will do this for you.  I use easydns.  The
process is for you to pick a company (domain register) and do a search for
a name of your choice.  If that name isn't taken then you register the
name through the company and pay them an annual fee (it's very low).

In return they will register your domain name and add your ip to their DNS
server.  Usually they have a gui that allows you to make the DNS changes 

Since you have a static ip you can run your own DNS server if you wish but 
you still have to register your domain.


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