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Re: Spam Filter

hanfamily earthlink net wrote:
 Look into procmail for filtering. There was alot of suggestions

procmail+bogofilter is really good and easy.

MailScanner+SpamAssassin with Bayes and SA Custom rules is just as easy to set up and use. It is very configurable. Tack on ClamAV and bingo! Spam and Virus checking. Add MailWatch and Active Spam Killer (ASK) and you have a kick-butt mail system. You can even work procmail+bogofilter into this scenario!

Some Links:

http://www.mailscanner.info - MailScanner

http://www.mailscanner.info/install/spamassassin.shtml - MailScanner w/SpamAssassin - Though I used the RPM's from the SpamAssassin.org site and MailScanner worked just fine.

http://www.mailscanner.info/serve/cache/275.html - SA Custom Rules sets. 'Rules Du Jour' is awesome at downloading more common 'rules sets' that catch most spam when there are updates.

http://www.clamav.net - ClamAV Virus Scanner, loaded right from tarball, edit .conf file and walah! Set up Freshclam to pull down auto updates and your done!

http://mailwatch.sourceforge.net - Web-based front-end for MailScanner, installs in minutes and keeps track of statistics, even generates graphs! You can view messages that are quarantined. You can even use it to feed SA-Learn, SpamAssassin's bayesian filter, from quarantined messages. I also have spam trap email addresses set up for this purpose.

http://www.paganini.net/ask - Active Spam Killer. I added this as a final catch all for spam that does end up getting through (though this is rare) to the user. This is a challenge/respond system where senders that are not already on a whitelist must 'validate' simply by replying to a confirmation message. Works much like a mail list does, and end users can configure/manage everything through email once it is setup.

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