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Re: Spam Filter

On Thursday 26 February 2004 11:08 am, Craig Daters wrote:
> Hello Barry,
> I weighed this decision heavily before I implemented it on three test
> accounts (the most spammed accounts) and we surveyed our clientele
> beforehand. Everyone surveyed offered that they would not have a
> problem confirming their email in this manner.

[much snippage] 

> We have been running this set up now for a couple of months, and I
> have yet to see any problems creep up. Spam on the three accounts
> this is set up on has gone to 0.

You are obviously on top of the situation, Craig.  It sounds like you have a 
first class system going there.  I just wish all sysadmins would take the 
time to plan that well!  

The only reason I replied to your message was to point out this "gotcha" that 
can happen if you use a challenge/response system.  My message and your reply 
will end up in the archives where hopefully other admins will discover the 

Best regards,


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