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Re: Mail Server Software Suggestions?

You can use sendmail with POP or IMAP for your mail server. (outlook can
be configured to point to either a POP or IMAP server.

For your Web interface you can use Squirrelmail.

All of the above come with RHES3 and are FREE. I'm running it on RH9. I
keep the IMAP and POP ports blocked thru my firewall, only allowing it to
be used intenally (on the intranet). I use Squirrelmail as a web interface
and I also have it configured to use SSL which makes the connection
encrypted. I've been using it for quite a while and I have no issues...

Squirrelmail comes as an rpm and you'll have to configure your sendmail.



> I need to get a new mail server software for my organization.
> Parameters:
> Free or fairly cheap (<$250)
> Outlook compatable - (just to set out of office)
> Web Interface - on the road access.
> Reliable
> RHES3 supported
> What Software or combinations there of do you know meets these specs?
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