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Re: Spam Filter

You are obviously on top of the situation, Craig.  It sounds like you have a
first class system going there.  I just wish all sysadmins would take the
time to plan that well!
The only reason I replied to your message was to point out this "gotcha" that
can happen if you use a challenge/response system.  My message and your reply
will end up in the archives where hopefully other admins will discover the

Thanks Barry, I was a little nervous when I implemented it, but I have to say that I am real proud of my mail server, small though it may be. We only have it serving 18 email addresses, for a total of about 16K (16,000) emails a month where about 99% of all the spam gets caught and quarantined. (about 20% of the 16,000 is spam)

Your comment above regarding sysadmins is the number one reason why I moved away from using RBL's directly with Sendmail and into implementing the solution I mentioned earlier. We were getting more and more false positives popping up, and a little investigation proved that in most instances, it was because the RBL maintainer was blacklisting entire netblocks as opposed to using only offending IP's (with seemingly total disregard.)

Craig D.

Craig Daters (craig westpress com)
Systems Administrator
West Press Printing
1663 West Grant Road
Tucson, Arizona 85745-1433

Tel: 520-624-4939
Fax: 520-624-2715



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