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Re: fdisk cannot do partition on SP1203N/DOM.

Zhuanshi He wrote:

Yes, Sir. my BIOS can see this Samsung SP1203N/DOM is the second master HDD.
In addtion, output of command

dmesg | grep "^hd"


hdc: SAMSUNG SP1203N, ATA DISK drive

So, I think my box can find this harddisk.

However, fdisk can not open /dev/hdc

and mkfs.ext3 -c /dev/hdc


mk2fs 1.32 (09-Nov-2002)
mkfs.ext3: Input/output error while trying to determine filesystem size.

One thing I find is that if I just use this one disk to install redhat9.0, it
can be find by install program and
can be formatted. After connecting to the second master HDD,

Are you sure you are saying this correctly? After connecting to the SECOND MASTER HDD?

If so, there's your problem. On one cable you can only have 1 master drive.

If you want to run two hard drives on the same cable (same IDE channel), one MUST be set to master, one MUST be set to slave (unless you use cable select - but I find it to be slower). Other than that NO exceptions.


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