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mail problems

Hi, (sorry if this is a duplicate)

I'm trying to set up mail for our organisation but am
having trouble. I'm really only asking if someone can
point me to the right place to ask the question,

We have a firewall (ipchains) running on a rh9 system.
It also runs sendmail, dhcp, imap, dns, and probably
some other things I've forgotten.

The firewall gets it's IP from an ISP's dhcp server.
The ISP is also running a firewall (so the address
we're given is 10.something.etc.etc), which, I assume,
is on the internet (though it's in China, so who knows
what else is out there).

We can send email to each other without any problem.

At one point (after some fiddling with the DNS server)
we could email out (to @yahoo.com), but currently
cannot even do that.

We have never been able to receive email from the
internet. Email sent to use does not bounce.

The domain we want our email address in also has a web
server, but it is in the US (we're in China). It
doesn't seem to matter what we put on the left of the
domain, it still resolves to the same ip address. The
domain is <jingmei.org>.

I fiddled with the MX record on our local DNS server -
perhaps it was something I did there that enabled us
to email out temporarily - but no joy on receiving

So, what steps do I need to take in order to be able
to send email out to and receive email from the

If someone here can answer this, I would be very



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