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Re: Custom Installation for multiple machines


Can I use the post section part in kickstart file to install mplayer? I want to
automatically compile the package. Is it possible?



Stuart Sears wrote:

On Wednesday 25 Feb 2004 09:12, Chiu, PCM (Peter) wrote:
Hi, Stuart,

Have you also worked out how to clone a working system?

I have tried kickstart before, but then found quite a few repetitive
post installation tasks needed such as setting up user accounts, print
applying updates and other non RedHat software.
there is a %post section in your kickstart file that can do most of these things. It runs as a bash script, chrooted into your new / filesystem, before your sytem is rebooted.
useradd bob
echo "insecure" | passwd --stdin bob

rpm -Fvh ftp://server/pub/updates/*.rpm

rhnreg_ks --activationkey=....

you could conceivably set up the print queues in a similar way

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