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Hello all,

I just installed Red Hat Enterpise Linux WS on a Dell 650 Precision
Workstation 2Ghz.  I am having some troubles with sound.  Basically, I
only hear the system sound that is generated not by the sound card. 
When I run the sound card confgiuration tool, it does indeed play the
test sound.  But, I am not getting sound anywhere else.  When I sign in
from the GUI sign in, there should be some sound, yeah?  I have Yellow
Dog on my MAc, which has a very similar log in screen, and it plays some
sound during that KDE launch process from the sign in screen.  Also,
tryingto play CDs: they mount and the players (KsCD and the regular
"Media Player") both seem like they are playing the CD, but no sound. 
Also, the cddb does not actually download the song names for something
as basic as Black Sabbath Paranoid.  So, seems like something ain't
working right.  
I've had to go through all sorts of processes to configure a wacom
tablet and a variety of other things, so am comfortable looking at the
XFConfig file, /var/log/messages etc, so if you have any idea of what I
should take a look at or try, any comments or help is greatly

Loving it otherwise.



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