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Re: sound

On February 27, 2004 08:07 pm, Matt Hollingsworth wrote:
> Hello all,
> I just installed Red Hat Enterpise Linux WS on a Dell 650 Precision
> Workstation 2Ghz.  I am having some troubles with sound.  Basically, I
> only hear the system sound that is generated not by the sound card.
> When I run the sound card confgiuration tool, it does indeed play the
> test sound.  But, I am not getting sound anywhere else.  When I sign in
> from the GUI sign in, there should be some sound, yeah?  I have Yellow
> Dog on my MAc, which has a very similar log in screen, and it plays some
> sound during that KDE launch process from the sign in screen.  Also,
> tryingto play CDs: they mount and the players (KsCD and the regular
> "Media Player") both seem like they are playing the CD, but no sound.
> Also, the cddb does not actually download the song names for something
> as basic as Black Sabbath Paranoid.  So, seems like something ain't
> working right.
> I've had to go through all sorts of processes to configure a wacom
> tablet and a variety of other things, so am comfortable looking at the
> XFConfig file, /var/log/messages etc, so if you have any idea of what I
> should take a look at or try, any comments or help is greatly
> appreciated.
> Loving it otherwise.
> Best,
> -Matt

Hi Matt,
If you are using an old isa sound card, you may need to run "/sbin/sndconfig". 
I do not have RHEL here but my Fedora Core1 was the first one I have not 
needed to run this on, all my RH instals needed it to kick the (already 
detected) sound card into gear.

I imagine the cddb is another issue. Have a look in the settings/config for 
the player to confirm a valid site and also check your firewall is not 
blocking access (that would be outbound, so a stock install should not block 

Hope that helps.
Pete Nesbitt, rhce

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