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Re: aliases

On February 27, 2004 08:59 pm, Matt Hollingsworth wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am trying to set some abbreviated aliases to run programs.  My general
> practice is to hit Alt/F2 which brings up the Run command KDesktop
> window.  I have been setting my aliases in my .bashrc file.  I'm still
> very green at this, so am not sure of what PATH the run command window
> looks at when it launches.  Does it have it's own "." file?  Or, does it
> just exist before a shell does, so isn't looking at any shell specific
> file for prefs?  I'd like to set up some basic aliases to launch
> quicker.  So, if anybody knows how to set up the aliases for this,
> please let me know.  Could be great.  Been using them a lot with .bashrc
> and I think it's the best thing since...   well since....  the color
> green.
> Hell, I dunno.  Any help would be fantastisch.
> Besest,
> -Matt

The aliases are a great feature for command line functions, however, if these 
are for apps that you run on the desktop, as opposed to something at a 
command line, you may find it easiest to add a desktop icon or a panel icon. 
You can add all the command line arg etc that you need.

For the desktop, you can just right-click on the desktop, select "Create New" 
-> "Link to Application..."

The panel icons are right-click on panel, "Add" -> "Special Button" -> 
"Non-KDE App"

Example, I have a second monitor I use for my tv card, it has a single icon on 
it that the properties -> Execute show "/usr/bin/xawtv -f" (no quotes) to 
launch tv full screen  ...never did figure out frame buffer :(
The panel icons seem a little less forgiving, and I usually just delete then 
recreate if I need to change it.

As far as the alt-f2 path, it is likely just the users env at login time, but 
that is just a guess.
Pete Nesbitt, rhce

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