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Re: printing

Right now I don't even have local printing running, but as I have a problem with the USB - parallel adapter which fails to work from either MacOSX or WinXP I think I need to wait until I swap it for a native USB printer.

In the meantime I'll try setting up printing to the ethernet Laser and see how that goes.

On 28 Feb 2004, at 13:39, Stuart Sears wrote:

On Saturday 28 February 2004 02:22, James Marcinek wrote:
CUPS(Common Unix Printing Service) is another print service. Your SAMBA print shares would use cupsd instead of lpd (lpr). You can access cups via
a web browser on port 901:
just for clarity: port 901 is SWAT (which IMHO is only really best used for reading documentation and checking settings,a s it wipes all comment lines
from your smb.conf if you use it to set up shares)
this is indeed CUPS, also manageable, and probably more easily so (although
this is very subjective) by redhat-config-printer
to use the CUPS web interface to do 'Administration Tasks' you need to log in as a member of the 'sys' group on your machine. Root is usually OK - use your normal login password. Be aware that this is unencrypted transmission, so only ever do this locally unless you don't mind everyone being able to read
your password!

However you can use SWAT(samba-swat) to manage your SAMBA . You can also
use redhat-config-samba, which is another gui tool.
redhat-config-samba is not as powerful as SWAT but doesn't strip anything out
of your smb.conf
personally I would read your /etc/samba/smb.conf file as it is full of useful example (which are commented out) and edit it by hand if your feel brave enough, although samba will share all of your system print queues by default
in any case, so you may not want to do much to the file anyway...

if your printer is set up and samba is running, try this:

smbclient -L localhost -N

and let me know what it shows...


Someday your prints will come.
		-- Kodak

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