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Re: /dev/cdrom just disapeared

Hi Juan,

/dev/cdrom is just a symlink to your actual CD-ROM drive. You can find out what
your device is by looking thru the kernel messages with the command dmesg.

Find the device and create a symlink from it to /dev/cdrom and you'll be fine.


Quoting Garcia Juan  <jgarcia 2 caramail com>:

*> Hello everybody,
*> i'm quite newbie to linux. I installed RH9 on my laptop a few weeks ago,
*> almost everything was working ok (cdrom
*> included) but last friday an error message appeared while booting, it was
*> "fstab cannot stat /dev/cdrom, not such
*> file", i looked for the file but it's nowhere, i don't know what to do,  i
*> was thinking to boot on rescue mode and
*> then to reinstall the packetages which control devices, but i don't know how
*> to do it (saying it is easier than
*> doing it) or if there is an easier way to solve this problem, please i need
*> help, i really need the cdrom woking.
*> Thanks for all your help.
*> Best regards,
*> Garcia Juan
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