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Re: find local computers

 --- Marty Landman <MLandman face2interface com>
escribió: > At 09:36 AM 3/1/2004, MKlinke wrote:
> >
> >"nmap" will also ping as well as return the DNS
> name of the computers it finds
> I tried this on a fbsd box where nmap is installed
> and the results weren't 
> thorough, explained to me that the arp cache
> wouldn't have every node in it 
> if they weren't recently accessed. If that's not
> right then it's likely my 
> misunderstanding.
> >"host <ip_address>" returns the DNS name
> >"nmblookup -A <ip_address>" returns the Netbios
> name
> Thanks this is what I'm looking for as I can awk one
> of these commands and 
> get what I want this way.

If you've got the samba server on your machine, the
smbclient will give to you the ip and the name of the
machine you connect to (also it will give to you it's
shares files)

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