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Re: ssh -X

 --- "Reuben D. Budiardja"
<techlist voyager phys utk edu> escribió: > On
Saturday 28 February 2004 10:14 am, IT Clown
> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I am using say pc A to ssh -X to connect to pc
> B.When i
> > type startx x will load on B but i cannot see it
> running on
> > A. How is it possible to have x show on pc A.
> ForwardAgent
> > yes ForwardX11 yes is enabled in ssh_config on pc
> A and B.
> "startx" will start an X server, not X application.
> As far as I understand, 
> you cannot export X server, you need to have that
> locally.
> The command "ssh -X" will tell SSH to export X
> application. 
> So if you want to export X application from pc B to
> pc A, you need to have an 
> X server running on pc A so that the X application
> on pc B can connect to the 
> X server on pc A. Thus, you need to run the "startx"
> on pc A. Try this:
> on pc A:
> 1. run "startx"
> 2. Open a console, "ssh -X" to pc B and login.
> 3. Now run an X apps, eg, "mozilla". 
> 4. You will see that Mozilla is displayed locally on
> pc A, but it's actually 
> running from pc B.
> What happens above is that you start an X server on
> pc A, and then connect an 
> X application (ie. mozilla) from pc B to pc A so
> that it got displayed on pc 
> A.
> Hope that helps.
First, your sshd server must allow X-Forwarding, you
can configure it on your sshd configuration file,
search for this line:
X11Forwarding = yes
And then you can ejecute, for example mozilla, and it
will run

In case that your server will not allow X-Forwarding
you need to export display:

export DISPLAY=ip_remote_host_:0.0

And that's all ;)
In my opinion, if you can configure the sshd (if
you're the admin of the machine you connect to) you
should put:
X11Forwarding = yes
And won't need to export DISPLAY anymore ;)

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