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Remote 'dump' backup running extremely slowly

I have a pair of RedHat Linux 8.0 systems, which are set up as follows:

host1 owns a software RAIDed disk array, which has several NFS-exported volumes.
host2 is a utility host, which owns an SDLT tape drive.

I run a "dump" on host1 with "-f host2:/dev/nst0" as the target tape spec.
The backup runs fine (and fast) initially, and plows quickly through the
first several file systems (/, /boot, /usr). Once it starts in on /export/home,
about midway through, it begins to slow down tremendously.

During this time, a "top" listing had been showing "dump" at the top of the CPU usage listing, up until the backup began slowing down. At that point, "kswapd" had risen to the top of the list, and remains there for long periods of time, at 99% CPU usage. At this point, the backup appears to never finish (the data rate decreases over time, and the target finish time increases). I eventually
have to abort the backup.

Any idea what is going on here?


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