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Re: hosts.allow and hosts.deny files

 --- Uuganbat Altangerel <uuganbat datacom mn>
escribió: > hi all,
> How can I configure hosts.allow and hosts.deny files
> because I want to remote access via telnet from only
> one ip address and another ip address users are
> can`t access to server.
> I think this configuretion on hosts.allow and
> hosts.deny files.
> Plz tell me how can i configure.

Look at my /etc/hosts.allow

# /etc/hosts.allow: list of hosts that are allowed to
access the system.
#                   See the manual pages
hosts_access(5), hosts_options(5)
#                   and
# Example:    ALL: LOCAL @some_netgroup
#             ALL: .foobar.edu EXCEPT
# If you're going to protect the portmapper use the
name "portmap" for the
# daemon name. Remember that you can only use the
keyword "ALL" and IP
# addresses (NOT host or domain names) for the
portmapper. See portmap(8)
# and /usr/doc/netbase/portmapper.txt.gz for further
look at this -->#This host, will have acces to all the
--->servicies #running on my server
look at this --->#This line give acces to smbd and
nmbd --->to all hosts #which want to connect to my
smbd and --->nmbd
--->smbd, nmbd: ALL

If you want to give telnet acces..for example this
ip:, you should put a line like that on
your /etc/hosts.allow:

Cheers ;-)

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