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Re: find local computers

At 08:48 PM 3/1/2004, Pete Nesbitt wrote:

ping cannot resolve a name, it can resolve a name to IP prior to sending the packet, but it really doesn't care about names.

So I can say ping -c1 penguin instead of ping -c1 if I already know the names of all my boxes on the lan. But what I want to do is have a way to find all those boxes, ip addr and host name. The host cmd seems fine for this, i.e. I've modified the script to run `host` for each ip adr found on the lan, though I haven't finished parsing it yet.

You may want to look at 'ping -b' so send a broadcast ping, then collect the results.

I don't understand the man page, could you give an example please? I'd like to ping everything for

192.168.0. with netmask

This is what I'm doing with the script now in fact, only I realize it's probably the hard way. At least I learned a little bash and awk though.

won't help the name resolution at all.

But doing a host for each pingable ip works fine tbh so I'm happy with that.

This script could actually be used to put together canonical hosts files, although it'd be lacking in hosts other than the server name for apache virtual hosts... hope I'm saying that right.

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