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RE: DHCP Server on Enterprise WS

Does this mean that simple network server programs are unavailable in
the workstation version?  

Ryan Golhar
Analyst II
The Informatics Institute at
The University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ

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Fax: 973-972-7412
Email: golharam umdnj edu

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Ryan Golhar wrote:

>I noticed that DHCP server is not available for Enterprise Workstation.

>We are trying to run a DHCP server for a small lab and don't requires a

>full-fledged server for a DHCP program.  Is it possible to install a 
>DHCP server for enterprise workstation?
"yum install dhcpd" will probably provide what you need.  Or it will if 
you copy a yum.conf from a fedora core 1 machine.

Note that this may take your machine into an unsupported configuration, 
as it may upgrade libraries (etc) required for the latest version of


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