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Re: RPM functions taking forever

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 19:17, Edward Dekkers wrote:
> Richard S. Crawford wrote:
> > I tried to remove an rpm from my system (RH 8) earlier this evening, but
> > the computer seemed to have stalled.  I killed the process, and began
> > executing rpm --rebuilddb.  So far it has taken nearly ten minutes to do
> > this, and I'm hearing no disk activity on my computer.
> > 
> > What could be causing this delay?  Is it something that I should be
> > panicking about?
> > 
> Just as well you put down you're using RH8.
> This is a know bug and due to stale RPM lock file.
> The answer is here:
> http://www.rpm.org/hintskinks/repairdb/


Thanks!  I removed the lock files, and everything went smoothly after
that (although rpm --rebuild still took a few minutes).

Richard S. Crawford
AIM: Buffalo2K / Y!: rscrawford
http://www.mossroot.com http://www.stonegoose.com
"It is only with our heart that we can see clearly.  What is essential
is invisible to the eye."  --Antoine de Saint Exupery

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