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Re: Apache server permisssions

 --- "Boulytchev, Vasiliy"
<vboulytchev coinfotech com> escribió: >  
> Ladies and Gents,
> 	Imagine the following scenario.  I have Apache
> 2.blah running as
> nobody.nobody (httpd.conf).  Now I have 2 virtual
> hosts, sarah and john.
> The users and groups are sarah.sarah and john.john. 
> 	My first question, is why can apache serve a file,
> whose permissions
> are root.root?

These are their permisions: -rw-r--r--

> 	Second, is it safe to have a server setup like the
> above, without
> jailing?

Always it's more safetly using chroot but it's not
always necesary, you're giving acces only to two

It's my opinion...


> Vasiliy Boulytchev
> Colorado Information Technologies, Inc.
> http://www.coinfotech.com

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