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[OT more than likely] dhcpd clarification

Michael Gargiullo wrote:

> Yeah.. It's not that bad...probably easier then you think.
> Assuming your switch will handle the dhcp relay
> In your dhcpd.conf file add on subnet declaration for each subnet
> *NOTE-We're running DHCPd-3 if your running version 2 delete the first
> three lines, and replace min-lease and max-lease lines with
> default-lease.

Sorry to barge in here, but I may have to tackle this soon myself. What I don't get is, how does a machine pop up in the network, ask for DHCP information, and get allocated the right subnet info? How does dhcpd know which subnet info to give when it knows nothing about the device asking it?

You mention a switch that does DHCP relay. Does this mean dhcpd knows that info requested by a device on switch A gets allocated subnet A and any device asking the same info from through switch B gets subnet B info?

If so, what particular switches am I looking at buying for my clients, or do I just make sure it mentions DHCP relay on the box somewhere.


P.S. Sorry to barge in on someone else's post.

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