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Re: Cannot email

"John Jacks" <mibsun gibnynex gi> writes:

> Hi ;
> I am trying to email from my redhat box .This is what is happening .
> [root root]# ps -aux | sendmail
> Recipient names must be specified
> [root root]# telnet localhost 25
> Trying
> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

First .. looks like you are trying to use sendmail directly without
supplying a `to' addressee.  `man sendmail' will guide you here:
   sendmail [option ...] [recipient ...]

You probably ought to just use the `mail' tool which calls sendmail
properly if you supply a recipient:

   ps waux|mail recipient

or if you want a subject:
   ps waux| mail -s "ps output" recipient

Calling sendmail direct will work though if you give a recipient.

Far as telnet goes... is sendmail even running?
I get the same message as you posted if I turn sendmail off temporarily.

Try as root:
   service sendmail status

You should see something like:
  # service sendmail status
   sendmail (pid 1142 1134) is running...

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