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Re: x-server

On Friday 05 March 2004 07:34 am, diego veiga embraer com br wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Does anybody knows a good x-server to emulate X applications from unix to
> windows pcs?
> PS: Better a free one.

if you're looking for X server for Windows, get cygwin:
It's free. You may want to make sure that you choose XFree86 (X server and 
it's related stuff) during install, because I don't think it's enable by 
You may also want to install SSH client (bundled with cygwin). If you 
installed the XFree86 with cygwin, you then can open a cygwin console and 
type startx and you'll get an X server on a windows machine.


Reuben D. Budiardja
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
"To be a nemesis, you have to actively try to destroy 
something, don't you? Really, I'm not out to destroy 
Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional 
side effect."
                 - Linus Torvalds -

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