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Re: all loopback devices are in use

Is this just a kernel option? One perhaps I didn't compile in? If I boot of the stock RH 9 kernel and build a new kernel I don't have this problem. It's only when I boot off my new kernel and rebuild it that the problem occurs.

Thanks for the quick response!

Doug P

Manuel Aróstegui Ramirez wrote:
 --- Douglas Phillipson <dougp intermind net>
escribió: > When installing a new kernel, after the

compile appeared to be successful, I get the error:

All of your loopback devices are in use.
mkinitrd failed

What is this and why does it happen?


Doug P

Your Kernel need a loopback to create your ram disk's
image (on the boot process)
Are you sure that you have activate loopback support?


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