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RE: Sending Mail process very slow

> Dear Sir,
> Could any one please help me , Sendmail server working
> fine but it takes time to send mail from client
> machine
> I have enable dnsbl feature in sendmail.mc file and
> created sendmail.cf after that this problem is
> happened.
> Anybody please guide me how to solve this problem
> Thanks
> Nilesh

What have you done to debug so far?
And what OS are you server and client on ?
Do your sendmail logs say anything (both on client and on server).

You could do a sendmail verbose session

client prompt# echo "test" | /usr/lib/sendmail -v someaddress server com

And watch the client and server talk to each other and see where the delay

Something to also do is  a quick check connect from client to varoius ports
on the server and see how the responses are.  Also, interact with the
session as well.  Like if you ftp to the server, see if you can put/get some

some examples would be (assuming you have all these ports open)
client prompt# ping server
client prompt# telnet server
client prompt# ssh server (if ssh is enabled)
client prompt# ftp server
client prompt# telnet server 80 (if server is running http)
client prompt# telnet server 110 (pop3 port)
client prompt# telnet server 25 (smtp port)

That way you can know if it's a general network issue (or network-config
issue on your sytem) versus a application specific issue (it only happens
with sendmail, but not the other apps like ftp, telnet, etc.)

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