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RE: Nameserver

> machine is also my gateway to the Internet, do I still
> need to specify entries in /etc/resolv.conf for external

I am assuming that you are running NAT with DHCP.  You can just point /etc/resolv.conf to your local DNS server.  Also modify DHCP daemon to supply your internal DNS server.  You may also want to setup DNS forwarders in BIND.

> the zone file has a dynamic IP (not likely, just
> curious how this works out...)?

You will need to specify a hostname for each dynamic IP.  For example, if your DHCP daemon is supplying IP addresses in to range, open up your private LAN zone and assign a hostname for each of the IP address.

> Some security questions immediately come to mind as I
> type :)  I am wondering how I can block external traffic

If you are already running a NAT, just bind BIND to your private IP address.  NAT is already kind of a firewall.


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