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Re: System configuration reporters

 --- Ken Rossman <rossman columbia edu> escribió: >
Looking for Linux systems programs that report
> things about the system's
> current software and hardware configurations.  For
> example, number and 
> type
> of CPU, how much memory (how much in each DIMM slot,
> even, if possible),
> how many IO controllers and what type, etc.  Also,
> soft config info such
> as installed packages (well, I already know about
> rpm), installed 
> patches,
> software version listings, etc.
> I don't suppose there are any standardized sets of
> tools to do this...
> probably a program over here, another program over
> there, etc?
> KR

You can get a lot of information doing cat
/proc/cpuinfo for example...
And the same with more elements of /proc


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