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Re: Exchange server replacement

Hi Jeff

There are only two products that work as a replacement for MS Excahnge that
allow Outlook to work in MAPI mode. They are www.samsungcontact.com and
www.scalix.com both of these are commercial products.

If you don't have a budget full stop then you are stuck with a hogpog of
IMAP products so why not stich to sendmail and manage it through Webmin. It
comes with the system.

Most other products are commercial varients of IMAP implementations. i.e.
you pay for what you can get in Sendmail for free.

Many thanks


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Subject: Exchange server replacement

Hi All,

Does anyone have any suggestions on an MS exchange compatible daemon for
RH? I don't need any of the fancy admin stuff - all I need is the abilty
to fool MS outlook into thinking its connecting to an exchange server to
collect mail.

Ive done a quick google search but havent found what ive been looking for.

Another requirement - I needs to be free ;p


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