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Re: Exchange server replacement

At 17:06 3/7/2004, you wrote:
There are only two products that work as a replacement for MS Excahnge that
allow Outlook to work in MAPI mode. They are www.samsungcontact.com and
www.scalix.com both of these are commercial products.

Not true.

There is a third product, Stalker Software's CommuniGate Pro, which works well with Outlook as a client. Been around for a long time, solid, stable, and well-supported. It is also commercial, but they have pricing for smaller setups that (while not cheap) is much lower than Exchange's, and I would expect a lot easier administration.

CommuniGate Pro is available as a fully-functional free (gratis) download, with the tiny price that it adds a one-line promo for itself on emails you send. That one line goes away if/when you pay for a license, so you can install and use it for free, then if you really like it and you really hate that one line then you can pay for it.

Also note that Samsung Contact flat-out told me recently that if I didn't have 500 users or more they weren't interested in selling me a copy AT ALL, since they want to refocus on the Enterprise market. They simply refused to sell me a copy for 25 users.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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