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Re: The modem chicken and egg question.

Roger Beever wrote:

Sent on behalf of Janet who has just joined from the Linuxathome yahoo
group and taken to plunge in trying RH9.
  We have a problem with a Motorola SM56 PCI Speakerphone.
The wizard does not find it on the newly installed RH 9 system.
We have found a drive on the Motorola site at
http://www.motorola.com/softmodem/driver.htm via
http://www.linmodems.org and since the system is dual boot I have
recommended saving to floppy but I'm not sure of the exact steps from
there. There are some short instructions but I'm not sure they will work
if the RPM is on a floppy.
Could someone please explain / expand on how to to get the RPM installed
and the modem working.
But please keep the steps Newbie sized.
This will enable another member to join the Linux community and no doubt
me to learn a bit as well.
Thanks in advance.


Hey Roger, you can mount FAT floppies under Linux. I would make a folder under /mnt called something like floppy or whatever, then run the command:

mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

This works on my system here. When I then have a look at /mnt/floppy, I can see all the FAT files.

Before you take the floppy back out, run:

umount /dev/fd0

to unmount the device.

For more information use:

man mount


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