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Re: Exchange server replacement

So far we have discovered that there are only two MAPI based groupware
servers that run on UNIX/Linux. Unfortunatly Samsung Contact has opted to
only support business of more than 500 people which leaves many businesses
in the lurch. We will wait and see about the active development of SC as
most of the development staff, including the head of development and general
manager have left recently. A look (telnet mail.samsungcontact.com 25)
reveals v9 beata installed as was the case before the big change.
Development is now been done in Korea, was in the UK. Wait and see.

CommuniGate Pro sorry did not see MAPI on quick look



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At 00:17 3/9/2004, you wrote:
>Scalix is the only viable remaining MAPI based email server software.

Please defend this very ambitious statement.

In particular, please reference both Samsung Contact and CommuniGate Pro.
Note that both of them use Outlook's MAPI mode; that both Samsung Contact
and CommuniGate Pro have been around for years; that both have tens of
thousands of installed users; and that both are actively being developed.
Kindly show why you consider that neither is "viable".

I've never heard of Scalix before today, which is OK. But while I'm
perfectly willing to permit a "Scalix is the best, I love Scalix" type of
remark, calling it "the only viable remaining" Exchange replacement seems
way over the top.


Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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