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Re: Fwd: pppd does not persist enough, gives up after 10 attempts

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:


Got no responses, and haven't found the answer on my own either after a week, so I am reposting an earlier question. Anyone care to comment?

The basic question is: how can I tell pppd to redial until hell freezes over, and NEVER stop trying to reestablish the connection? The "persist" parameter quits after 10 hang-ups.


Saw this one before Rodolfo, but was hesitant to answer because I only know one work-around.

IF wvdial can handle ISDN (I think it can), you might want to try the reverse of what pppd does (i.e. call chat script), and use wvdial instead.

WVdial makes a connection, then calls pppd to establish ppp. I know wvdial will never quit trying because there's actually a setting for it within the wvdial.conf.

My only thought. Sorry not much to go on.


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