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RE: trying to get gnome to run!!!


You need to edit the xstartup file in the .vnc directory in your home
directory.  There is a line that reads something like "twm &".  This is
the window manager that will be used in a vnc session.  You should be
able to change it to gnome-wm or whatever window manager you want to

Remember though, that all the display information has to be sent over
the network, so vnc uses a minimalist approach to speed things up...

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forgive me in advance if this is the wrong group!

i have rh 8.0. i'm trying to get gnome to come up. when i remotely login
using VNC i get the xterm. as i'm not a linux guru... does anyone have
any really good/quick suggestions as to what i might need to do to get
gnome to start.

the "rpm -qa | grep gnome" provides a number of gnome related rpms. when
i installed the linux awhile ago, i selected gnome as the user interface
(or i thought i did...)

the various suggestions that i've seen via google haven't really given
me any useful insight....

any help would be greatly appreciated...


bedouglas earthlink net

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