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RE: trying to resolve dependencies!!! (libcrypto.so.4)


why don't you try installing the redhat-rpmdb. If you apps are redhat specific
it should allow rpm to list suggestions for you packages to install. This way
when you attempt to install foo.rpm rpm and it depends on bar.so.3 rpm looks up
bar.so.3 in the rpm db and says "Oh, you need to install libbar.rpm".
Again, it only works for Redhat specific apps.


Quoting bruce <bedouglas earthlink net>:

*> we have an ongoing issue that's perplexing at best...
*> we have searched through google and other sites, trying to find the
*> libcrypto.so.4/libssl.so.4 files.
*> we came across the openssl-0.9.7a-5.1.i386.rpm file, which appears to state
*> that the required files are in the package. we downloaded, and attempted to
*> install the apckage, only to be informed that libcrypto.so.2<<<<< is
*> required by 20-30 other apps!!!!
*> so, how should one go about trying to update their system!!!!
*> right now, we're fearful that we've totally screwed this up...
*> thanks...
*> bruce
*> bedouglas earthlink net
*> (925) 866-2790

Harry Hoffman
hhoffman ip-solutions net
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