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RE: remote installation/update using gnome/rh8.0


thanks for the response... however, we don't want to/can't use the command
line because the app appears to get into all kinds of dependency issues...
we were hoping that the gnome "package manager" gui app would simply allow
us to specify the given app to install/update, and it would take care of the
required dependencies...

as an example, installing mysql is going to require ~20-30 additional apps
due to requirements/dependencies... we don't want to be doing this by
command line...

if you know of a way to do this via th ecommand line.. let us know!!!


bedouglas earthlink net

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On 11-Mar-2004/23:56 -0800, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
>we're curious... trying to do an install of some additional apps on a
>box. we're using vncserver and the box has rh8.0/gnome. when we specify the
>app (mysql) to install, the gnome package manager prompts for the ISO disk
>to be placed in the CD. We'd prefer to be able to point the app to a
>directory/ftp server to extract the appropriate files... is there a way to
>do this...

Make the RPM available via HTTP or FTP and use rpm on the command line to
download and install it in a single step:

  rpm -ivh http://servername/filename.rpm
  rpm --install --verbose --hash http://servername/filename.rpm

Or copy the RPM to the server using Samba or NFS, then install it locally
using rpm on the command line:

  rpm -ivh /path/to/filename.rpm

I think the graphical package managers can be told where to look for RPMs.
But if you already know where the file is, why not simply specify the
location on the command line instead of spending time trying to reconfigure
a GUI app?

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