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OT: Please confirm your email for brent mailstation us (fwd)


If you're going to use something like this, please enable the filters to 
accept anything destined for the mailing lists to which you subscribe.

I'm quite sure that the several hundred or thousand members of this 
mailing list, and/or others to which you might be subscribed, are not 
going to bother to validate/verify their emails to you, just so that you 
can receive mail that you've already elected to receive by virtue of the 
fact that you did subscribe to the list(s) in the first place.

Mike Burger

Visit the Dog Pound II BBS
telnet://dogpound2.citadel.org or http://dogpound2.citadel.org:2000

To be notified of updates to the web site, visit 
http://www.bubbanfriends.org/mailman/listinfo/site-update, or send a 
message to:

site-update-request bubbanfriends org

with a message of: 


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 11:51:09 -0500
From: Brent Canipe <brent mailstation us>
To: mburger bubbanfriends org
Subject: Please confirm your email for brent mailstation us

This is a automated message from   Brent Canipe  brent mailstation us

Due to the high rate of spam and virus's, we ask that you perform a ONE 
TIME ONLY verification of your email address.

We have chosen to use MailStation.US as our Anti-Spam E-Mail filter due to 
the security and ease. We suggest you use it also!

Just click the link below to deliver the email message you have sent 
with the subject:  Re: Blocking yahoo messenger using IPTables

If you do not click the link below, your email will NOT be delivered to 
Brent Canipe

Thank You,
Brent Canipe

The MailStation.US E-mail Verifier.

http://www.mailstation.us/verify php?code=mburger bubbanfriends orgjrpqczkliqrdevkyotiihwxubrent@mailstation.us

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