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Re: ISDN Set Up help Needed

At 12:24 3/14/2004, you wrote:
I need help in setting up an ISDN connection, I have tried various Terminal Adapters but none would work, I finnaly got a Dlink DMI 128 serial/USB ISDN TA which supports Linux. I am trying to make an ISDN connection thru the GUI but in that I cant find this specific hardware, some one please tell me which modules I have to load,and also which is the package I need to use for Dialing up the connection. I have read thru isdn4linux.de and that categorically mentions that those utilities are for only PCI and ISA devices and not for serial and USB devices.Please help!

How do you know that adapter supports Linux? Where are the instructions that show how to use it with Linux?

Can you check the contents of the file /etc/sysconfig/hwconf (any paging program like "more" or "less" will work) and see if there's anything in there that looks like your ISDN adapter?

Also, I have an Aethra ISDN TA supplied by my ISP (Terra Networks, part of Telefónica). It provides control via the standard Hayes AT command set, and since it's external and works via the serial port, I control it just like a regular modem and NOT like an ISDN modem.

If your ISDN adapter has a serial port, check to see whether you can control it with AT commands. If you can, things will be a lot easier. Start the program "minicom" and set it to use one of the following: /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1, /dev/ttyS2, or /dev/ttyS3. (Try each until one works.) In each case, once you get into the program make sure that local echo is on, and then type the command "atz" followed by the Enter key. If you get back an "OK" answer, then you can probably use it like an external analog modem (except lots faster) and make your life easier.

Please post more detail when you post again, OK?

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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