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Re: open source content filtering

On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 at 10:07pm (-0500), Paul Greene wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good open source equivalent to commercial 
> programs like Cyber Sitter or Net Nanny?
> Preferably the program should also be able to apply different filtering 
> rules based on which particular host is attempting to access the 
> internet (i.e. kid's computer, dad's computer, etc)

I use dansgaurdian in conjuction with squid for this and am very happy with
it.  It's quite cool in that it doens't just check against a list of known
bad sites but also looks at whats actually in a page to decide if it should
be allowed or not.  I don't know if it does the varying levels of filtering
based on source IP address that you're talking about though since I use
iptables and trasparent proxying for that.  Computeres to be filtered are
proxyied by dansguardin, and computers belonging to grownups are proxyied by



P.S.  There is also squidguard that may be worth investigating...



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