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Re: Red Hat 8 + Laptop + DLINK DWL-G650 ( WLAN )

I installed one of these a while ago. I recall I had to use firmware emulation. That is, I had to stash copies of the ms windows driver information files on my linux system, then run an emulation program. It works OK, but when that system logs on the wireless net, it bumps off all the others. I recall finding how to do it in a web page that was dedicated to the kind of chip that DLink used. I recall it was a major source of confusion that Dlink had used several different kinds of chips but did not relabel the product.

When you do that kind of install, you have to update it whenever you update the kernel.

I may have to update that system soon, so if you don't figure it out, write me again and I'll look to see.

RIchard Rahl wrote:

Hi ya ;)

I'm a linux newbie and i installed red hat on my laptop ( Thoshiba P 50 )
everything works fine expect my wirless lan card. I red serveral documents
on the internet about installing wirless lan cards and it seams to be realy
for somebody how has not so much experince in this case ...

i'm not sure witch driver to install and witch match with my kernel .....

Anybody how can help me out in this case :) ?

Thank you for your answers in advance !


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