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Re: Server side include`s problem

I don't know if this help. I have apache 1.3.27
and maybe this work
<!--#exec php="filename.php" -->
Put this in .htaccess file in your dir wher the php file is

Options +Includes
AddType text/html php
AddHandler server-parsed php

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From: "uuganbat" <uuganbat datacom mn>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 11:37:11 +0800
To: <mklinke axsi com>,"'General Red Hat Linux discussion list'" <redhat-list redhat com>
Subject: Server side include`s problem

> HI all
> In RH 9.0 I installed apache web server and php, mysql. All things
> working fine php scripts are working fine.
> But one problem is occurred. SSI (server side include) is not working
> only code is printed. Example
> <!-- include("filename.php"); -->     not executing php file only
> printing php source codes. So I replaced this code bye <?php
> include("filename.php"); ?> this is executing fine. 
> I think this is SSI problem how to solve.
> 							Sorry me, my
> English is poor.
> Best Regards
> -- 
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