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Re: Connecting Wireless Optical Desktop Pro (Microsoft)

Padiyath Sreekumaran wrote:
    I would like to use Wireless Optical Desktop Pro. Keyboard
    on a Linux System (RedHat 9.0). Since I have 2 Computers
    (OS: Microsoft XP Prof.) and using only 1 monitor and using
a Blackbox (startech ) to connect Keyboard and mouse. .If the keyboard works with Linux then I can remove
    the keyboard connection from the blackbox.I would like to know
how can I add the keyboard to linux? Is there a driver SW available which works without problems? How can I add the driver to the OS? Is the driver in RPM format? AT present Iam having the computer Under the table. Whether I have put it on the table for the
    wireless contact?

    Thanks in advance,

If it has PS/2 connectors running to the PC there should be no discernible difference to running an ordinary mouse/keyboard connection. If is has USB, then if it is a standard HID interface it should also work without a problem. To use the extra keys though, you may have to map them.


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