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Re: Secondary Name Server

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 01:58:37 +0500
Muhammad Rizwan Khan <rizwan nixpanel com> wrote:

|> I want to keep two name servers on my two Linux Machines, On Primary Name 
|> Server, i am adding zone files properly, and adding the zone entry in 
|> named.conf file of secondary Name Server. But when i update any record in
|NS1 > and restart DNS, its not being propogated on NS2. Can you plz. tell me
|wot i > should do here.
|> -- 
|> Muhammad Rizwan Khan

you should not have to put anything on the slaveserver... It should update
automatically... are you updating the serial numbers? if you dont master
server wont send out notifies of a change

jason pearl <jason jpearl org>
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