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Re: Management tools for Postfix or Sendmail

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Budi Febrianto wrote:

> Hi,
> Right now i have one lotus domino server as act as mail server, smtp server
> and web server.
> Because of the high load of the server I'm planning to remove smtp server
> from that server, and use two old HP server as smtp servers. The smtp server
> based on RHL 8.0, maybe postfix or sendmail. But I prefer postfix.
> The problem with lotus domino is there is no whitelits, although lotus
> domino support blacklist, it not works as supossed to. So many emails still
> comethrough, altough I already register it domain name or IP to the
> blacklist.
> And its expensive.
> But lotus domino is very easy to manage.
> Is there any management tools for sendmail or postfix that allow me to see
> pending emails, delete or edit the email?

Both sendmail and postfix have the "mailq" command, which lists pending 
email.  Postfix also has the "postsuper" command.  You can delete pending 
messages via "postsuper -d <message queue ID>.

I'm not aware of anything that will let you properly edit a messaage 
that's already been queued, though.

Mike Burger

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