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Re: Hardware compatability - Wireless

Steve wrote:
> Are there any brands of wireless card (802.11b or better) that are 
> compatable with the RedHat (9 or Fedora) installation process - i.e, the 
> installer detects the card and prompts for network settings as if it were 
> an ethernet device ?
> While I could simply go out and buy a card with a kernel supported chipset 
> and do a manual install I'm trying to find out if I can make life any 
> easier for myself by ensuring that I get something that the installer 
> supports..

I hate to say "me too" but I've just started looking at the same thing.
   I'm also running RH9 and am looking at 802.11b.  So far I've found
info that I should not use anything with the broadcom chipset since
there are no drivers for them.  I have not found anything that lists
which cards suse which chipsets.

I did talk to someone who said he tried all sorts of cards and none of
them ever worked.  He ended up getting a wireless bridge that plugged
into his existing NIC and sort of turned it into a wireless card.

Anyway Steve, if you get any off list replies, please share or summarize
them.  I for one would be interested.


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