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Re: Setting up Internal DNS Server

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 13:04, Ravi Verma wrote:

> I need your opinion on this. I need to know you have set-up your
> internal DNS server behind the firewall. Of course, it applies to only
> those organizations who have an internal DNS server. The question is, if
> their external domain name is .foo.com (for example), do they keep the
> same domain extension for the internal domain names like
> internal.foo.com or the choose a fictitious domain name extension like
> .foo?

Use the same domain name for internal and external users.  

Some people like to setup and maintain a totally separate DNS server for
servicing internal requests.  Others use the Split DNS feature of BIND
that answers queries based on where the request originates.  That is if
a query comes from external sources they will get a response that may be
different from an internal request.


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