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Re: Writing ISO file in Windows environment

 --- Shamshad Alam <samsadalam yahoo com> escribió: >
> I am using windows XP. I want to use Red Hat Linux
> Fedora. I have downloaded the iso files in my hard
> disk. I would like to know how to write iso files in
> CD and so that it can be booted from the disk. I
> have only one OS right now - Win XP and my CD Burner
> works fine in this environment. Once I have
> installabale Cd, I will get rid of WIN XP.. it will
> be big day for me...
> I appreciate your help.
> Thank you
> --Shamshad

Just burn your *.iso like a Image File (With Nero
Burning Run for example).
Then you will get a bootable diks which you can insert
on your cd-rom and reboot your computer.
I hope your BIOS is set up to boot first from the
cd-rom, if not, turn it to boot first the cd-rom
instead of your hard disk


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