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RE: Setting up Internal DNS Server

Seems like a matter of choice.  but...

I am running DNS behind a firewall and I use sub-domains for the internal
(192.168.x.x) addresses.  It hasn't been to big of a deal to use slightly
different names when inside or outside the firewall.  My 'outside names' are
public things like ns1.mydomain.com or www.mydomain.com.  The inside things
are subbed under that and machine oriented like

Eventually I plan on using the 'view' capability in bind to allow internal
use of external names.


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I need your opinion on this. I need to know you have set-up your
internal DNS server behind the firewall. Of course, it applies to only
those organizations who have an internal DNS server. The question is, if
their external domain name is .foo.com (for example), do they keep the
same domain extension for the internal domain names like
internal.foo.com or the choose a fictitious domain name extension like

I truly appreciate your help in this regard.

Ravi Verma

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