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SV: CPU Designations

I286= the first used in IBM PC AT (early 80's) 	16 bit
I386= used late 80's to mid 90's			16/32 bit
I486= used early 90's to late 90's			16/32 bit
I586= P1-P2 (correct me if I'm wrong) 		32 bit
I686= Atlons, P3 and P4.				32/64 bit

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För Krautkramer, John
Skickat: den 17 mars 2004 16:27
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Ämne: CPU Designations


I realize this is a very basic question but here goes...

What are the CPU designations expressed by:

    i286, i386, i486, i586, i686, etc.

I assume the first 2 are Pentium II and Pentium III respectively. What
specifically are the others? I have the latest  Pentium 4 with
hyperthreading. What is that CPU in this naming scheme?

Thanks in advance!


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