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Re: Integrating Active Directory and Linux DNS servers

This is for Windows 2003 (there are other articles you can find specific
to BIND just search), but it applies:


And if you can, E2003 runs better on Win2K3 from what I've heard/read,
upgrade, see:


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>>> ecroft openratings com 3/18/2004 10:32:54 AM >>>
Okay, please don't rip my head off here for asking a MS question, but
figured I would get a slightly less biased answer here. That being
We are upgrading our Exchange 5.5 server to Exchange 2003. We are a
mixed shop with Linux and Windows. (There are numerous other systems,
mostly of the *nix variety) While I tried to edge them to use
Communitgate Pro, Contact, or OpenExchange, they decided there would
less impact on users if we stayed with Exchange. 
Now comes my issues, I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole
here. In reading the docs for Exchange 2003, it says it needs Active
Directory. Great, so now I have to learn Active Directory and futz
that. Now I am setting up Active Directory, flying by the seat of my
pants, and it says that it wants its own DNS server in order to work
properly. All my DNS servers are Linux based. 
Can Active Directory work with Linux based DNS? I thought I recalled a
few of you saying you had Exchange 2000/2003 running, just wanted to
know how you did it.
Any help would be appreciated.

Edward M. Croft
Sr. Systems Engineer
Open Ratings, Inc.
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Waltham, MA 02451-1121

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